Feminist Majority Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration

We were warned. We were given an explanation.

Since our founding, the Feminist Majority Foundation has been at the forefront of nearly every important battle for women’s equality and empowerment. Join us as we celebrate the many gains and victories of the past 30 years—and pledge to fight on. Never have our fundamental values and priorities been so threatened. Never have our challenges been greater. But we are prepared for the fight, seasoned by years of struggle and committed to moving forward.

With your generous support, we must—and will—rise to the challenge of this moment to end discrimination, win equality for women and girls, and ensure social justice. We have come too far and worked too hard to go back now.

Join Us

MONDAY—MAY 22, 2017

Directors Guild of America, Los Angeles, CA
7920 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
6:30 pm reception • 7:30 pm program

celebrate key moments and victories of 30 years at the forefront of the battle for women’s equality and empowerment

  • Significantly reduced violence against the nation’s abortion providers
  • Led the campaign to bring RU 486 – Mifepristone, the abortion pill – to the U.S.
  • Restored and repeatedly defended Title IX
  • Spearheaded campaign to end gender apartheid inflicted on women and girls in Afghanistan, for which we were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • 16 years publishing Ms. magazine
  • Countering violence against women with our Rape is Rape Campaign
  • Mobilizing the youngest generation of feminists through our collegiate and high school campaigns

Celebrate with us!

Eleanor Smeal · Peg Yorkin · Katherine Spillar · Bonnie Thornton Dill · Rita Haft · Dolores Huerta · Carol Ann Leif · Mavis Leno · Dee Martin · Ana Reyes · Lorraine Sheinberg