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Feminist Arts, Literature, & Entertainment
This site uses the internet to bring women artists together to discuss feminist art and related issues. You will find news about exhibitions, bulletin boards to discuss art theory, information about new literature and artwork, awards received by feminist artists, and much more.

Check out this amazing pro-woman sculpture by female artist Emily Duffy. The history on the project is amazing. You can donate your bra to the sculpture or purchase postcards featuring a photograph of the huge braball (1/3 of the proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation).

Guerrilla Girls
The Guerilla Girls, a "group of women artists and arts professionals who make posters about discrimination," have included an email address for users who "have stories to tell about discrimination, [or] ideas for actions and online protests."

Judy Horacek
This Australian cartoonist often focuses on feminism and social justice. Visit her site for a much-needed laugh at the expense of the patriarchy!

Frida Kahlo
Site about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her work.

The National Association of Women Artists
Winners of the prize for the Expo 1100 exhibit booth that best expressed a feminist vision of the future, the National Association of Women Artists encourages the progress of professional women artists and educates the public about the role women have played in American art. Their site has information on the Association and its members, as well as displays of the art of the winners of their annual exhibition.

The National Museum for Women in the Arts
This private non-profit museum claims to house "the single most important collection of art by women in the world." Established in 1981 to enhance the awareness of women's creativity in all aspects of the arts, the museum is located two blocks from the White House in Washington, DC. The site contains a calendar of events and exhibits, frequently asked questions, library and research information, tips for trip-planning and more.

This website from Soraida Martinez, a New York-born artist of Puerto Rican heritage, features the artist's Verdadism abstract paintings, which are juxtaposed with social commentaries against racism and sexism, in order to promote tolerance and a deeper understanding of the human soul.

A Window Between Worlds
The site for this non-profit program dedicated to bringing the healing power of the creative arts to battered women from coast to coast features artwork by survivors of domestic violence, merchandise, and workshops given by the organization.

The World's Women On-Line
This graphically impressive site features digital images of artwork created by women artists from all over the world, organized in conjunction with the Fourth World Conference in Beijing, China. There are hundreds of artists listed, with instructions on how to acquire contact information