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Feminist Arts, Literature, & Entertainment

Feminist Comic Strips

Ann Telnaes & Six Chix
Ann Telnaes is a pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist who creates editorials as well as the collaborative daily comic "Six Chix." Her work focuses on national and world events affecting reproductive rights, women's and other progressive issues.

Ralf Koenig
Ralf Koenig shows the German gay world and parodies homo- and heterosexual stereotypes. Many of his comics have been translated and made into films, with Maybe, Maybe Not the most popular one. The site provides biographical information, shows various comic characters and lists publications.w

Dykes to Watch Out For
Alison Bechdel's website for all things related to her absolutely amazing strip (part soap opera, part political satire), Dykes To Watch Out For, winner of numerous LAMBDA awards for comics/humor.

Hot Head Paisan
Very out-of-date website created by a Hothead Paisan fan about the strip. Hothead's a 'homicidal lesbian terrorist' who goes on occasional killing sprees when exposed to Neo-Nazis, anti-abortion protestors, & rapists. The site's not great, and it's at least three years out-of-date, but the comic is great.

Ariel Schrag
This links to a description of Ariel Schrag, an unbelievable young queer cartoonist who had published three autobiographical graphic novels by the time she was a sophomore in college. This site has a description and an interview.

Women's Cartoon Index
Women's Cartoon Index. Covers a huge range of female cartoonists, mostly mainstream.

Marlys by Lynda Barry
Lynda Barry's "groundbreaking" Marlys cartoons; she's inspired many cartoonists working now, especially those trying to write about childhood honestly, with all of its ugliness and misery included.

Traina Robbins
Website of Trina Robbins, author of The Great Women Cartoonists, Eternally Bad: Goddesses With Attitiude, and From Girls To Grrlz: A History of Women's Comics From Teens To Zines.

Nina Paley
Homepage of Nina Paley, creator of "Nina's Adventures," which is kind of a feminist's view of daily life.

Bitchy Bitch
Official site for Bitchy Bitch, the protagonist of a comic series "Naughty Bits." Bitchy likes to go berserk when confronted with everyday patriarchy-related incidents. She is accompanied by a fun group included Bitchy Butch, the butch dyke version of Bitchy Bitch.

Feminist Comedy

Gail A. Stocker Presents
More funny feminist comics than anyone in the business from affordable professionals to star names.


Witty pop music trio BETTY's site features information about their albums and tour schedules along with reviews and a BETTY trivia quiz.

Cheryl Wheeler
This folk singer/comedian has given her approval of this "officialunofficial" homepage. The site includes a biography, discography, upcoming shows schedule, and photos.