Debate is scheduled to begin today in the French Senate on a bill that would grant same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children. The bill has already been passed in the National Assembly, the lower chamber of French parliament.

The Roman Catholic Church has been very vocal in France against the measure, alongside other religious groups and social conservatives. Last month, police used tear gas on protesters against same-sex marriage and made multiple arrests. More protests in front of the Senate are scheduled for during the debate, which could last until April 12 or 13.

French President Francois Hollande included same-sex marriage and adoption rights in his platform during the French presidential election. He continues to support same-sex marriage equality.

Media Resources: Agence France-Presse 4/4/2013; CNN 4/4/2013

Assemblee Nationale (Palais Bourbon) – the French Parliament from Shutterstock

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