KansasOn Friday, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed an anti-abortion bill into law that defines life as beginning at fertilization.

The measure requires that abortion providers supply women with a list of organizations that provide abortion alternatives, prevents any abortion facility from receiving state funding or tax credits, and requires doctors to provide patients with medically inaccurate information. In addition, it will define life as beginning at the moment of fertilization in the state-s constitution. The bill passed in the state legislature earlier this month by a wide margin in both chambers.

Before signing the bill into law, Governor Brownback wrote “JESUS + Mary” in his notes as captured in anAssociated Press photograph. Brownback continued in his notes and in his oral statements that this bill would create a “culture of life’ in Kansas.

Media Resources: Feministing 4/22/2013; New York Daily News 4/20/2013; Feminist Newswire 4/8/2013

State flag of Kansas from Shutterstock

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