An 18 year old actress in Pakistan is in critical condition after being attacked with acid for refusing a marriage proposal.

The actress, known as Bushra Waiz, was sleeping with her family when a man climbed the wall around their home and threw acid on her while she slept. She was rushed to Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar where it was determined that she suffered burns on over a third of her body.

Her family believes the attacker is Shaukat Khan, a local TV producer, who was trying to force Waiz to marry him. When she refused his proposal, he resorted to violence. According to Waiz’s mother, Khan has also not been paying Waiz for her work and lead to many verbal arguments that pushed Waiz to quit working with him.

On Monday, Waiz was reported in stable, but critical condition. Her attack comes less than a week after a bombattack forced the only women’s university in the Balochistan province to close its doors indefinitely.

Media Resources: CNN 6/24/2013; International Business Times 6/24/2013; Agence France Presse 6/22/2013

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