Last Wednesday, a prominent female Indian writer was murdered by the Taliban outside of her home in the Paktika province after criticizing the terrorist group.

Sushmita Banerjee, 49, wrote a popular memoir in 1995 about her life as the wife of an Afghan man in Kabul while the Taliban ruled. The book was later adapted into an Indian movie. Banerjee also wrote about the Taliban for Outlook India magazine.

According to Afghan police, Taliban militants tied up Banerjee’s family members last Wednesday, and then shot her outside. She was first targeted by the Taliban in 1998, when she was educating women in Afghanistan about social and health issues.

“They [the Taliban] ordered me to close down the dispensary and branded me a woman of poor morals,” Banerjee said, according to Time Magazine.

Media Resources: Time Magazine 9/6/2013; Times of India 9/6/2013

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