Today, by a ruling of 7-2, the Supreme Court ruled that all employers may block their employee’s access to birth control in their health insurance coverage for their employees due to religious or moral objections. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes a provision requiring employers to cover the costs of preventative care, which has previously been interpreted by the Obama administration to include contraceptive coverage. Contraceptive coverage has been vehemently opposed and challenged in court numerous times by religious interests since the ACA was passed.

Below is a statement of the Feminist Majority Foundation:

“Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court is a devastating blow to millions of women, transgender, and nonbinary people who rely on their employer-provided healthcare to cover the high costs of contraceptives. This move gives their employers the power to make decisions about their employee’s healthcare without their consent. This decision hurts most those who can least afford birth control including young women, poor women, and disproportionately women of color. Today’s ruling emphasizes the urgent need for Congress to codify the coverage of contraceptives as part of the preventative healthcare package included in the ACA.”