Family of Breonna Taylor Sues Police Department for Wrongful Death

On March 13 in Louisville, Kentucky, police entered the home of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, after midnight and opened fire, killing her. Taylor’s family is now filing a lawsuit against the officers for wrongful death, excessive force, and gross negligence. The police had a warrant to search Taylor’s apartment but were searching for...

Georgia AG Asks DOJ to Lead Investigation into Handling of Ahmaud Arbery Murder

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has formally requested that the Department of Justice helm the investigation into the handling of the Ahmaud Arbery case. Arbery is an African American man who was murdered by a white father and son while out jogging on February 23 near Brunswick, GA. “We are committed to a complete and...

Dozens of People Blinded by Chilean Authorities in Violent Response to Protests

More than 140 people have suffered severe eye injuries since protests in Chile began on October 18th. At least 26 people have completely lost vision in one eye, according to the Salvador Hospital ophthalmology unit in Santiago, the nation’s capital, and many others are still being treated. “Last Monday, we got 10 people with these...

Fort Worth Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Atatiana Jefferson in Her Own Home Charged with Murder

The Fort Worth police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black woman in her own home has been charged with murder. Early Saturday morning Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, 28, was shot and killed by a police officer inside her own home after a neighbor called a non-emergency police number for a wellness check on her....

New York City Police Commissioner Fires Officer Who Put Eric Garner in Chokehold

The New York City Police Department announced Monday that it will be firing Daniel Pantaleo, the officer responsible for the chokehold that led to the 2014 death of Eric Garner which prompted protests against police brutality across the country. Pantaleo was fired two weeks after a disciplinary trial in which the presiding judge made a...

Philadelphia Mayor Makes Public Plea for Gun Control in Aftermath of Police Shooting

Mayor Jim Kenney (D) held a press conference last night in which he called on legislators to strengthen gun control laws after an eight hour standoff between police and an active shooter in North Philadelphia. The mayor expressed frustration and outrage at the excessive amount of weapons and ammunition the gunman seemed to possess. “Our...

Cyntoia Brown, Victim of Sex Trafficking, Released from Prison after 15 Years

Wednesday morning, Cyntoia Brown was released from jail after being sentenced to life in prison for killing a man responsible for sex trafficking her when she was only 16. She was granted clemency in January by then Tennessee Governor Haslam. Her clemency came after high-profile advocates and popular celebrities highlighted the injustice she had faced....

Justice Denied Once Again as Eric Garner’s Murderer Goes Free

Five years after the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man whose last words “I can’t breathe” started a rallying cry, the Justice Department has decided that they will not bring federal charges against the New York City police officer allegedly responsible for strangling him to death. The announcement came exactly when the deadline...

Elizabeth Lederer Resigns from Columbia Law Following Release of “When They See Us”

On Wednesday evening Elizabeth Lederer, a Columbia law professor known for her involvement as a prosecutor in the Central Park Five case, resigned from her position on Columbia’s faculty, citing the resurgence of publicity surrounding the case due to the Netflix limited series “When They See Us,” which portrayed Lederer as an aggressive prosecutor who...

Police Reform for Baltimore Despite Sessions’ Attempts to Block

Last week a federal judge in Baltimore finalized a reform agreement, known as a consent decree, between the local police department and the Department of Justice (DOJ) despite condemnation and disapproval by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Justice Department Announces New Database for Tracking Fatalities in Police Custody

The Justice Department announced Thursday that it would start tracking nationwide data on fatal police shootings and other violent encounters between law enforcement and civilians, including natural deaths or suicides that occur while someone is in police custody.

Canadian Police Head Apologizes to Female Officers for Years of Harassment

Yesterday the head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Bob Paulsen, issued a public apology to hundreds of women who had faced sexual harassment and discrimination while on the force.

North Carolina Will Restrict Body Camera Videos Beginning October 1

A North Carolina law that limits public access to footage from police body cameras goes into effect on October 1st.

Baltimore Police Completely Neglected Rape Victims According to Department of Justice Report

The scathing report on the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) issued by the Department of Justice last week highlights victims of police misconduct not typically discussed: sexual assault survivors.

Department of Justice Report Finds Baltimore Police Department Saturated with Civil Rights Violations

The Justice Department has issued a scathing 163-page report finding that the policies and practices of the Baltimore Police Department systematically violate the civil rights of black residents.

We Must #SayHerName: Korryn Gaines

Korryn Gaines, a 23-year-old African American woman, was shot and killed in her home by Baltimore County police officers on Monday afternoon.

Protests Erupt Following Police Killings of Young Black Men

This week Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were the two most recent victims to die at the hands of police officers, bringing the number of black people killed by police so far in 2016 to at least 136 individuals.

Justice Sotomayor Writes Scathing Dissent in Support of Fourth Amendment

The Supreme Court ruled in Utah v. Strieff yesterday that an individual who is illegally detained, and then found to have a warrant out for his or her arrest, is subject to a lawful search and seizure.
Holtzclaw Sentenced to 263 Years for Rape and Sexual Assault of Black Women

Holtzclaw Sentenced to 263 Years for Rape and Sexual Assault of Black Women

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw has been sentenced to 263 years in prison today for the rape and sexual assault of 13 Black women in 2013 and 2014.
Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Anyone For Sandra Bland’s Death

Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Anyone For Sandra Bland’s Death

A grand jury decided on Monday not to indict anyone in connection with Sandra Bland’s death in a Texas county jail last summer. The grand jury will reconvene next month to “take up remaining issues,” including whether or not state trooper Brian Encinia – the officer who arrested Bland – should face criminal charges.