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Dozens Killed by Gun Violence Over Independence Day Weekend

The United States experienced a wave of gun violence over the Fourth of July weekend in which dozens of people were killed and injured in both cities and rural communities. Amid national protests over police violence, the shootings have reignited calls for gun control from elected officials and activists. There were 63 shootings in New...

Sybrina Fulton, Mother of Trayvon Martin, Qualifies to Run for Public Office

Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, has officially qualified to run for public office in Florida. On Monday, she announced her qualification to run for Miami Dade County Commissioner for District 1. Fulton lost her 17-year-old son to racial violence in 2012, when he was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. She has since...

Philadelphia Mayor Makes Public Plea for Gun Control in Aftermath of Police Shooting

Mayor Jim Kenney (D) held a press conference last night in which he called on legislators to strengthen gun control laws after an eight hour standoff between police and an active shooter in North Philadelphia. The mayor expressed frustration and outrage at the excessive amount of weapons and ammunition the gunman seemed to possess. “Our...

Ohio Governor Releases Gun Reform Policies in Response to Mass Shootings

This Tuesday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released a series of policy proposals aimed at reducing gun violence statewide. He addressed the issue from both major perspectives, outlining ideas to ensure better mental healthcare services and to implement gun control reform legislation. The legislative reforms are broad in scope and include many policies that the federal...

Virginia Governor Calls Special Session on Guns

Tuesday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam called a special session on guns in response to the May 31 Virginia Beach shooting; however, Republicans adjourned the legislature until November after 90 minutes in session. The Governor hoped to pass bills on gun control to prevent further mass shootings in a state with some of the weakest gun...

New Zealand Bans Semiautomatic Weapons in a 119-1 Vote

Twenty-four hours after a right-wing terrorist killed 50 people in a Christchurch mosque, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a national ban on military-style semiautomatic weapons. The ban, which passed the legislature in a 119 to 1 vote, extends to all high-capacity ammunition and parts that allow guns to be converted into military-style semiautomatic weapons. All parties,...

Only 33 House Republicans Support the Violence Against Women Act

The House passed the Violence Against Women Act yesterday in a 263-158 vote, with 33 Republicans voting for the bill, and 157 voting against the re-authorization. The current law only bars gun ownership for convicted abusers who are married to their victim, live with their victim, or have a child with their victim. A new...

New Zealand Bans Assault Weapons

Prime Minister Ardern announced Thursday a series of new regulations that will go into effect in response to the Christchurch shooting, including a ban on military-style semi-automatic and assault rifles. This plan comes just six days after the shooting and will go into effect within the month. The Prime Minister also detailed that parts used...

Mass Shooting in Aurora, Illinois Manufacturing Warehouse

Last Friday, there was a mass shooting at a manufacturing warehouse in Aurora, Illinois. The gunman began shooting at his coworkers when he was being fired at a meeting with managers—he killed five of his coworkers and injured several police officers. Those killed were Trevor Wehner, an intern on his first day and senior at...

Democratic House Unveils Universal Background Check Bill

Eight years after she almost lost her life in a shooting, former Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords returned to the Capitol to introduce H.R. 8, a bill to require background checks for all private sales, effectively closing loopholes that allow firearms to be purchased at gun shows and online with minimal oversight. Under current federal law,...

Trump Administration Rescinds Anti-discriminatory School Discipline Policies

Today the Trump Administration announced it would rescind parts of the Obama administration’s “Rethink Discipline” school policies, policies that ensured that minority students were not unfairly targeted for harsher punishments or disciplinary practices.

Gun Control Referendums Received Close Votes on Election Day

On Election Day, Washington, California and Nevada all voted to strengthen gun control measures in the wake of Congress’ unwillingness to improve gun safety.

Senate Rejects Four Gun Control Bills After Orlando Shooting

Four gun control measures failed to pass the 60-vote threshold necessary to move forward in the U.S. Senate this week. Each vote was largely along party lines, and further demonstrated the unwillingness of the chamber to challenge the gun lobby.
A Dangerous Intersection: Guns Make Domestic Violence Even Deadlier

A Dangerous Intersection: Guns Make Domestic Violence Even Deadlier

It is not possible to discuss domestic violence and violence against women without talking about reforming our gun control laws here in the United States.
Survivors and Advocates Call on Congress to Pass Gun Law Reform

Survivors and Advocates Call on Congress to Pass Gun Law Reform

For many victims of domestic violence, whether their abusive partner has a gun or not is a question of life or death.
Arkansas School District to Arm Teachers

Arkansas School District to Arm Teachers

A group of more than 20 volunteer teachers and staff in the small school district of Clarksville, Arkansas will be trained to carry a firearm for this coming school year.