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Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill to Block Abortion Providers from Title X Funding

HB 2264 would have specifically cut off Title X funding to organizations that perform abortion despite the fact that Title X funding does not directly pay for those services due to the longstanding Hyde Amendment, instead funding STI/STD testing, cancer screenings and birth control access for women who do not qualify for Medicaid but cannot...

House Holds Hearing on Anti-LGBTQ Bill despite Widespread Criticism

Exactly one month after the massacre at Pulse, an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where a gunman claimed the lives of 49 people and wounded 53 others, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on a piece of anti-LGBTQ legislation known as the First Amendment Defense Act.
Sandra Fluke "Strongly Considering" Bid for House Seat

Sandra Fluke “Strongly Considering” Bid for House Seat

Sandra Fluke, the well-known women's rights activist and attorney, is "strongly considering" running for Rep. Henry Waxman’s congressional seat, she told a California radio station yesterday.