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Senator McSally Speaks out Against Sexual Assault in the Military

On Wednesday in a Senate Armed Services subcommittee, Senator Martha McSally, a veteran of the Air Force and the first woman to fly in combat after the ban on women was lifted, revealed that she is a rape survivor and that the rape occurred while actively serving in the military. In an emotional speech, she...

11 year old Rape Survivor Forced to Give Birth in Argentina

In Argentina, an 11-year old rape survivor was forced to give birth this week after fighting for the right to an abortion. At 23 weeks pregnant, she underwent a cesarean section however the baby is not expected to survive. The girl, who has been given the name Lucia to protect her identity, attempted suicide twice...
Teacher Fired for Being a Survivor of Domestic Violence

Teacher Fired for Being a Survivor of Domestic Violence

Second-grade teacher Carie Charlesworth was fired by Holy Trinity School in San Diego because of the events that followed her reporting her husband's domestic abuse. Her termination, which took full effect in April, has prompted her to speak out against the district's decision.