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Investing in Teenage Girls on World Population Day

The theme of this year’s World Population Day, a United Nations initiative to focus attention on the urgency of population issues, is “Investing in Teenage Girls.”
Affordable Contraception Program in Colorado's Impact is Overwhelmingly Positive

Affordable Contraception Program in Colorado’s Impact is Overwhelmingly Positive

When Colorado made IUDs and contraceptive implants more affordable, teen pregnancy, abortion, and public health costs all decreased.
Voice Your Support for Teen Birth Control Access!

Voice Your Support for Teen Birth Control Access!

By Jessica Stites It’s been a refreshing week of sanity around birth control. First the Institute of Medicine announced that birth control should count as “preventive care” and be covered by insurance at no cost. And now, in response to a Good Morning America segment on the “debate” about whether mothers should let their teen...