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A Celebration of the Work of Mary Daly

Date: 1/29/2001 Time: 7:30 pm Event Type: Actions/Events

Description: Mary Daly, one of the founders of radical feminism in the U.S. and author of seven books on feminist philosophy, The Church and the Second Sex, Beyond God the Father, Gyn/Ecology, Pure Lust, Outercourse, The Wickedary, and Quintessence, was unlawfully ousted from her tenured post at Boston College in spring 1999. Daly filed suit against her employer on grounds of breach of contract and violation of tenure rights. The case goes to trial February 7, 2001.

The Mary Daly Defense Fund and its supporters, including Frances Kissling, Ellie Smeal, Mary Hunt, Diane Bell and the GW Womens Center have come together in collaboration to organize a celebration of the work of Mary Daly in Washington, DC.

The event will feature:

Mary Daly, who will read from her book-in-progress, Amazon Grace;
Diane Bell, Director of Womens Studies at the George Washington University;
Mary Hunt, Co-Director of the Womens Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual;
Frances Kissling, President of Catholics for a Free Choice;
Ellie Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority;
Dalys attorney, Gretchen Van Ness;
and others.

Location: GW Hillel, 2nd Floor, 2300 H Street, NW, Washington, DC

Contact: Mary Daly Defense Fund, P.O. Box 381176, Cambridge, MA 02238-1176

Phone: (202) 332-5549 E-Mail:


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