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Education Equality

Title IX Action Network

This Title IX Action Network is being established to remedy the federal government‘s neglect of its gender equity responsibilities and to save and fully implement Title IX. It will help fortify and protect Title IX by providing resources and information to grass roots educators, community members, parents, and students facing sex discrimination and stereotyping. The Network of Title IX activists includes Title IX coordinators, equity allies and gender equity resource providers. It will be coordinated by the Feminist Majority Foundation in collaboration with members of the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE).

Unlike many other areas of education equity, such as special education or Indian education -- where federal funding has increased since the early 1980s -- federal support for sex equity (now called gender equity) has decreased substantially. For example, there has been substantial neglect of the Title IX regulation to designate Title IX coordinators. Additionally, federal funding has been eliminated for: state gender equity programs (including state Title IX coordinators), a national gender equity resource center, an expert panel to recommend effective gender equity programs, vocational education sex equity staff, programs, and students, and many other Department of Education programs focused on gender equity research, development, and providing technical assistance to local educators, community members, parents, and students.

This Title IX Action Network will be more than the sum of its key components because it will include features such as:

  • Procedures to mobilize the grass roots supporters of gender equity and counteract threats to Title IX
  • A campaign and other strategies to get organizations at all levels of education to designate and support Title IX coordinators who are committed to increasing gender equity and to provide them with resource and support to do their job well
  • A web-based database of Title IX gender equity coordinators
  • Public web-based information on equity allies and gender equity resource providers
  • A Web site designed to support the Network and make it easy for participants to obtain high quality gender equity information, tools, and programs
  • Organization and strategy models for network participants
  • Procedures to assess progress in the implementation of Title IX and to identify effective strategies used by Network participants