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Education Equality

Gender Equity Resource Providers

Gender equity resource providers include researchers, developers, and disseminators of information, tools, instructional materials, and technical assistance. They may provide these resources as individuals or through organizations. Title IX coordinators, especially those who are just starting this work, and many Title IX activists and grass roots equity allies will need easy access to high quality research-based gender equity resources.

Both the Title IX gender equity coordinators and their equity allies will need accurate and effective research based information and materials to help them advance gender equity. At the beginning of 2003 we lost a key funded component of the already emaciated gender equity infrastructure when t he Department of Education, despite letters from equity organizations and leaders, chose to spend the money previously used to support the Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Equity Resource Center , on a study of single-sex schools.

To rebuild this part of the infrastructure, the Network hopes to soon develop a coordinated web-based resource dissemination system to make it easier for all Network participants to obtain electronic resources and to connect with other organizations and individuals with similar equity goals.

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