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Education Equality

Title IX Action Coordinators

The Title IX Action Network is being created to fight threats to Title IX and to enable and empower equity advocates. These advocates will work together to strengthen the implementation of Title IX and rebuild a national gender equity infrastructure that has been emaciated by the withdrawal of federal funding. Activists in this Network will have multiple roles as Title IX coordinators , equity allies , and gender equity resource providers .

A unique feature of this Network is its plan to increase the proper use of the important but frequently neglected provision in the Title IX regulations requiring Title IX coordinators in institutions that receive federal financial assistance for education programs or activities. Network participants will focus on increasing the numbers and effectiveness of the Title IX coordinators in advancing gender equity at all levels of education from preschool to adult education programs.

Employees who serve as Title IX coordinators and equity allies can now be bold in speaking out against sex discrimination because in March 2005, the Supreme Court declared, in Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education, that Title IX protected them from retaliation even if they were not the initial victims of the sex discrimination. The decision makes it clear that "reporting incidents of discrimination is integral to Title IX enforcement."

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Become a Title IX Activist by participating in the Title IX Action Network and receiving electronic Title IX alerts, news stories, and updates on the Network.

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