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National Internship Program in Feminism & Public Policy

Amanda Farell, Fall 1998

University of North Carolina at Ashville

Picture of Amanda FarrellThe four months I spent as an intern with the Feminist Majority were intense, fun, and very fulfilling. After graduating from college at the University of North Carolina at Ashville and being very involved in campus activism, I knew that I wanted to be involved with the feminist movement on a larger scale. The Feminist Majority was just the place I was looking for.

The projects I worked on included the Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan doing divestment research and writing and other various research on oil issues. For our Mifepristone campaign, geared toward acquiring access to mifepristone for women, I worked on printing and distributing letters to members of Congress urging their support in stopping the Coburn amendment. I also read, wrote up, and complied a data box of medical articles regarding research and clinical trials on mifepristone. Other projects included a compilation of a list of Women's First accomplishments for the Feminist Expo 2000, the Afghanistan Petition Project, and assistance with writing news stories for the Feminist News On-line.

Real progress was made in the Afghanistan Campaign during my time as an intern. A major victory for the campaign was marked when UNOCAL, a California-based oil company planning to build a pipeline through Afghanistan, pulled out completely of the pipeline project due to the Feminist Majority's campaign! UNOCAL's decision will hopefully be instrumental in pulling all support away from the Taliban, thus restoring basic human rights to the women of Afghanistan. This success was both exciting and inspiring, proving that persistence and hard work does much to advance women's rights.

I would recommend this program to anyone interested in feminist activism. It is a whirlwind experience, but a rewarding one!