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National Internship Program in Feminism & Public Policy

Jill Teehan, Summer 2000

Brown University

Working at the Feminist Majority Foundation this summer has been an experience that has allowed me to cultivate my leadership skills, improve my public speaking abilities, advance my understanding of the American political system and, in particular, women's roles in that structure, and reaffirm my passion for equality for all people. Above all of this, though, my experience with the Feminist Majority has been one that has empowered me with not only the tools to be a leader in the women's movement, but also the understanding that I am a leader and that what I do not and in the future does and will make a difference in women's lives.

I worked on three projects this summer: the campaign to bring mifepristone to women in the United States, the campaign for the ratification of CEDAW, and the campus program of the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Of all the amazing activities and projects I participated in and worked on this summer, nothing compared to the amazing experience I had by meeting, working with, and being inspired by a group of women (and one man) so committed to social justice and equality for all people that they go to work every day to fight for that cause. Working with the people of the Feminist Majority Foundation has fortified my own commitment to living a socially responsible life, and their energy and passion have inspired me in my personal visions of equality for women, and my plans for realizing those visions. While to some extent it would have been possible for me to learn a lot about the issues I worked on without having been at FMF this summer, nothing can replace the invaluable knowledge, guidance and motivation I gained from working with Eleanor Smeal and the entire Feminist Majority Foundation team.

This summer represents a turning point in my life. I realize now in a way I never have before my potential to create change. I have always had the passion, and through my internship with the Feminist Majority Foundation, I have begun to foster the skills I need to accomplish my goals. I am a leader for social justice now because, quite simply, I will not allow myself to be anything less. My summer with the Feminist Majority Foundation marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment to being a leader in the social justice movement.