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Spring 2003 Intern Testimonials

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Sarah Swofford: “As an intern with the Feminist Majority Foundation, I’ve done more things than I would’ve imagined. I’ve petitioned for various campaigns; I’ve attended hearings, conferences, met leading feminist leaders, and worked on a project that has me so inspired that I plan to stay on as a volunteer. All the while I’m learning more each day about issues women face nationally and world wide.”
Kate Casolaro: “Interning at the Feminist Majority Foundation has been a unique and dynamic experience. As a part-time intern, I worked with Ms. Magazine and with the Press Secretary, doing outreach for both Ms. and the Feminist Majority . I enjoyed the versatility of my job because it allowed me to deal with a number of issues with which the Feminist Majority Foundation works.”
Nicole Harris: “While interning, I researched, attended events on the hill, and made a few friends. I never knew what a day of interning at FMF would hold for me – some days I delivered mail to Congress, others I sat a row behind Mia Hamm and Dominique Dawes at a hearing, and then there were the moments when I was simply in the office surrounded by feminists who have such passion for their life’s work.”
Erin Bennett: “Interning at FMF has shown me what I wanted to know—what feminists do today. We grow up learning about the women who gave us the right to vote, and who broke down so many walls in the middle of the twentieth century. Now I know what feminists at the beginning of the 21st century are working for, and what I can do to make a difference for my generation and the generations of women to follow me.”
Jordan Battisti: “This internship experience has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m walking away from this internship with a greater sense of who I am as a woman, person, and advocate. The world seems less chaotic when you are armed with the knowledge I was able to receive at the Feminist Majority Foundation.”

Sheena Erdman: “I had the opportunity to work with great women that were always ready to offer assistance or knowledge from their experiences. I would encourage any individual with a serious passion for women’s rights to consider the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Internship Program.”