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University of South Carolina

BA, Women's Studies


Brown University

BA, Political Science


University of North Carolina- Greensboro

BA, Gender and Women's Studies

What projects are you on? Campus and Web

Why work at the FMF? I wanted to work at a non profit organization that is working to push the feminist agenda in the world.

Most memorable moment? I loved tabling at the Ani DiFranco's Vote Dammit Tour in Baltimore.

What does feminism mean to you? It means equality in all aspects of life. It also means that women have the right to make all of their life choices. If they want to stay home with their children, that is fine. Feminism is just helping make sure that all women have the right to make their choices.

Last Remarks: This internship has further encouraged me to become a public interest attorney.

What FMF Projects are you working on? - Increasing Female Representation in Elective Office

Why did you decide to work with FMF/MS? - I was excited to work at one of the leading groups dedicated to women's rights. In addition, I saw an opportunity to have some responsibility for a project in my academic area of interest that could result in actual change in female represenation.

What has been your best experience so far? - Besides doing exciting research, I have enjoyed meeting and working with the women of this office and have learned much from their passion and hard work. Seeing my work posted on the website has also been exciting.

What does feminisim mean to you? - Recognition and removal of the obstacles facing women of all generations to exercise their choice in deciding the course of their lives and all decisions along the way.

What Projects are you on? Ms. Magazine and the online news wire

Why did you decide to work with FMF/MS? Thought it would be a great way to finish up my degree and gain some experience in my field; I would love to work within a feminist organization upon graduation.

What has been your best experience so far? I was grateful to be with fellow feminists on the night of the election and I am looking forward to the "Ms. Women of the Year" event.

What does feminism mean to you? Feminism is a philosophy that, to me, not only refers to the equality of men and women, but also human rights in general. We fight all discrimination because of the interconnected nature of race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, age, etc. and a general sense of justice.


Hood College

BA, Political Science


Hartwick College

BA, Political Science


Old Dominion

MA, Humanities and Women's Studies

Projects: Campus and Education Equity

I wanted to work at FMF because I wanted to be around like minds who were advocating for similar causes and also to learn how to put my thoughts to use.

Feminism to me means uniting with all women and finding a balance(a circle of sisterhood), breaking barriers, liberating myself and other women from patriarchal grid locks, looking at life with a liberal worldview, and making change instead of speaking about them.

Projects: Campus and Education Equity

I came to FMF because of it's wonderful reputation in the feminist community, and because I wanted to secure an internship that would allow me to explore my passion for feminist politics and grassroots activism.

My favoriote experience while working at FMF has been working on the Get Out Her Vote Campaign, especially its field operation. I loved registering voters at the Ani Difranco "Vote Damit Tour" Concert, and going to pittsburgh with GOHV staff for the election. The politically charged atmosphere that I witnessed in the streets of pittsburgh in the last days leading up to the election was very moving and inspiring. Working with other politically active students who shared my strong sense of civic duty and watching them engage themselves in the political process has definatley been my favoriate experience.

I have learned nurmerous things while interning at FMF such as the type of organizational skills and effective strategies that are needed to launch a massive campaign. I have become very knoweldgable about voter rights and fraud, and how to identify voter suppression. I have also acquired knoweldge about important research skills that will be useful to me down the road.

Feminism is a humanistic belief that views women and men as equals in all aspects of life and within both the public and private sectors of society.

Projects: Global and Campus


What Feminism means to me.....
For me, Feminism goes beyond the movement. Feminism is something I try to do in my daily life. It affects how I interact in the world.