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Summer 2004 Internship Program in Feminism and Public Policy

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A Summer in Washington

Ten college students made their home in Washington the summer of 2004 to intern at the Feminist Majority Foundation's DC office. Although we were from diverse schools, parts of the country, and majors, we were all excited to work in this feminist community.

Interns participated on a wide range of projects including the Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls and other global projects, Emergency Contraception, news writing, web pages and graphics, Title IX and educational equity, the National Clinic Access campaign, the National Center for Women and Policing project, campus, Ms. Magazine, and Get Out Her Vote.

From left to right: Ashley Nickel, Jennie Row, Sara Gottlieb, Christina Baulch, Jamie Malyn, Mary Knighton, Meredith Harper, (back) Sara Adland, Nikki Schulman, Rachel Vallens.

Trips and Experiences

Some interns traveled to college campuses in Pennsylvania and Ohio to talk to students about Get Out Her Vote. Other interns attended the Democratic National Convention in Boston to volunteer at the Feminist Majority Foundation and NOW's “Boston She Party,” in honor of Dolores Huerta and participate in the Young Women's Leadership Conference.

(right) Jennie and Nikki repond to exciting speakers like Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Madeleine Albright at the Women's Caucus during the DNC.

The Get Out Her Vote Briefing

One of our largest endeavors was a joint intern project organizing a briefing on FMF's Get Out Her Vote Campaign, comprised of a massive voter registration and education drive across the country on college campuses.

7/22/04 news article on the GOHV briefing, written by intern Jennie Row.

The purpose of the briefing was to give young interns in the DC area the tools necessary to register and mobilize voters in the fall at their own college campuses. After weeks of planning, calling, and preparing, everything fell into place when 140 interns across DC attended the Get Out Her Vote Briefing, held in the Senate Dirksen Room. In addition to hearing from FMF President Eleanor Smeal and Campus Director Crystal Lander, interns had the chance to hear Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA), Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) speak about the importance of the young women's vote.

Discussion sessions following the speakers centered on challenges and benefits of voter registration on different campus types.

(above) Many interns from around DC attended the briefing on how to mobilize voters on their college campuses!

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If you have further questions about our internship program, please contact the
Feminist Majority Foundation.