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Summer 2004 Intern Pictures

(left) All the DC interns:
(back) Meredith Harper, Sara Adland, Christina Baulch, Rachel Vallens, Mary Knighton, Ashley Nickel, Nikki Schulman, (front) Jennie Row, Sara Gottlieb, Jamie Malyn

(right) Nikki, Jamie, and Mary

(left) FMF interns in their suits at the Senate Dirksen Room after the Get Out Her Vote Briefing

(right) Meredith Harper leads a discussion group after the GOHV Briefing about registering and mobilizing voters on all-women campuses

(left) Selling t-shirts at the Boston She Party, held during the Democratic National Convention: Nikki Schulman, Sara Adland, Christina Baulch

(right) Nikki meets with Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards as part of the Young Women's Leadership Conference

Our West Coast Interns meeting Jay Leno, of The Tonight Show.

My summer at the Feminist Majority gave me the chance to do so many things I never would have done otherwise. I'm leaving here a graphic desiger, a web page builder, and an expert on Title IX Coordinators. It's been a great experience.
- Christina Baulch


Working here has given me amazing insight into politics in the U.S. and how they affect the rest of the world. I'm from Canada, and it's been so interesting to learn about the ways in which I can work toward change in both countries.
-Sara Gottlieb


As for favorite memories, I have quite a few: all of the interns singing “happy birthday” to Ellie over the phone, laughing about how Jamie got locked in the closet and was saved by Charlie Smeal, watching videos with the other interns during lunch, sticking Ellen DeGeneres' address label on an envelope, intern outings on the weekends, good conversations, laughter, and, of course, new friendships.
-Meredith Harper


My internship at FMF will always be a summer I remember. In a relatively short period of time I gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the women's movement and U.S. policy. I also had the opportunity to travel to Boston for the DNC, where I got to meet and shake hands with extraordinary women like Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Edwards. I am sad to leave the friends I made at FMF, but I know I am leaving with the energy, skills, and knowledge to be a great feminist leader.
- Nikki Schulman





























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