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"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people "



Name: Rachel Hustvedt (Rae)

College: NOVA-Online Classes

Major: English, Music, LGBTQ Studies

Graduation: N/A

Project(s) worked on: Mostly Web, Feminist Campus and Ms. Magazine/FMF Store

Did you like your project: Yep. It was a great learning expierence. It was great to work with such amazing and passionate people.

What did you like about being an intern at FMF/Ms. Magazine?: I liked that I learned something new everyday. I now have expierence that will only further my passion for women's health and feminism.

Tips for future interns: Have a passion for the projects you do, ask questions, be yourself, and have fun!



Name: Sharon Barksdale

College: George Mason University

Major: Government and International Politics

Graduation: 2008

Project(s) Worked on: Save Title IX Campaign

Did you like your project?: So far it is pretty interesting

What did you like about being an intern at FMF/Ms. Magazine?: Mostly, I liked the hands-on experience which is needed, more now than ever, to get your foot into the occupational door upon completion of college.

Tips for future interns: Go for internships that you know you are truly interested in because if not, you are bound to be stuck somewhere doing something of no interest to you and learning nothing along the way. Intern in areas where you have a passion for the topic




Name: Jasmina Suzic

College: The Hague University of Professional Education, The Hague , The Netherlands

Program: European Studies

Major: Public Administration

Graduation year: September 2006

Project worked on: Walk for Women's Lives 2006 as main project, and any other project they offered me to work on in the mean time

Did you like your project: I really liked working on this project, because I did so many things, fliering, sending out packages, making phone calls, online research, etc.

What did you like about being an intern at FMF: Being an intern from a foreign country, it gave me a chance to look into the world of a non-profit organization in the United States . Most important was working with an incredible team of women during 5 fabulous months.

Tips for future interns: Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when you are being sent out to Capitol Hill! The marble floors will make you regret wearing heels! :D



Name: Jen Clancy

College: Illinois Wesleyan University/ American University Washington Semester Program

Major: Political Science

Graduation: May 2007

Project(s) worked on: National Center for Women and Policing Annual Leadership Conference, Walk for Women's Lives

Did you like your project?: Yes, very much

What did you like about being an intern at FMF/Ms. Magazine?: Everyone in the office is pretty friendly and are awlays willing to help when you odn't understand something.

Tips for future interns: Wear warm clothes in the winter because it's extremely windy!




Name: Lena Winkler

Project(s) worked on: Ms. Magazine ad calls.lot's and lot's of ad calls! Calling WGST professors trying to integrate Ms. Magazine into the classroom.  

College: American University

Graduation: May 2006!!!

Why did you apply to the Feminist Majority/Ms. Internship?: I have a minor in Women's and Gender studies

What did you like about your intern at FMF/Ms. Magazine?: I love the people, everyone was welcoming and helpful! The other interns that I have met have been friendly and great.  


Name: Marie Poling




Project(s) worked on:

Did you like your project?:

What did you like about being an intern at FMF/Ms. Magazine?:




Name: Meredith Ruggles

College: Georgetown University

Major: Government (Minor: Women's and Gender Studies)

Graduation: Spring 2007

Project(s) worked on: Walk for Women's Lives, Compiled Research for Get our Her Vote

Did you like your project?:  Never before did I realize all of the work that went into organizing such a large event.  It was amazing to see how all of our long hours and hard work resulted in such a successful event.  Not only were we able to raise money to put towards clinical trials but to educate people about Uterine and Ovarian Cancer.  Overall, participating in the Walk for Women's Lives was a great experience.

What did you like about being an Intern at FMF/Ms. Magazine?:  What I loved about being an Intern at FMF was being able to contribute to so many areas of the feminist movement.  Not only does FMF address feminist issue in the U.S. but rather globally.  As an intern here, I saw firsthand how important it is to do what we do, and effect change around the world.

Tips for future interns:
Don't be fooled, the job is far from glamorous.  Nevertheless, when it's all said and done, to know that you helped make a difference is as rewarding as it gets.