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Description of Intern & Her Experience at FMF



Rachel Pass

Originally from Rhode Island, Rachel is a Junior at Clark University in Worcester, MA majoring in International Development and Social Change with a concentration in conflict and development.

Reason for being in DC: I participate in American University's Washington Semester Program on Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Projects: I created intern webpages, posted daily news stories, edited and created content for FMF website, and researched and wrote daily news stories.

Favorite Experience at FMF: My favorite experience at the FMF was experiencing the energy around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Hillary Campaign, and the Women's Convention. I mostly enjoyed just talking to other employees and interns about women's issues, daily news stories, and how we feel about the current events.

What Made You Decide to Work at FMF?: I decided to work at the FMF because I have always been very passionate about women's issues, especially women's reproductive health rights and violence against women. I wanted to work at an organization that had a mission that I felt strongly about and where I would be making a difference in a struggle that I cared for.

Favorite Place in DC: Tryst! It's an artsy coffee shop with amazing coffee, tea, and sandwiches in Adams Morgan. Also, the WWII memorial.

Nikki Harrison

Originally from Connecticut and Pennsylvania, Nikki is a Junior at Gettysburg College majoring in political science and minoring in anthropology.

Reason for being in DC: To participate in the Washington Semester Program on American Politics. I plan to work here after I graduate so I jumped at the opportunity to get a taste of what it would be like in the heart of the American political system.

Projects: Making biographies for PAC candidates the Femnist Majority supports, preparing for the NYWLC and the Ohio Summit, updating legislative information on the FMF website, monitoring cosponsor changes in legislation that we are promoting.

Favorite Experience at FMF: Getting to follow the Lilly Ledbetter Act - Equal Pay proposal from its early years to watching the vote on the floor of the Senate.

What Made You Decide to Work at FMF?: A strong passion for women's rights and women's issues. It is imperative that women advocate and embrace their power in the political system - this is the only way that positive change will occur. I love being part of an organization that fights so valiantly to bring more women to the table in deciding their future.

Favorite Place in DC: The outdoor sculpture garden of the National Art Gallery.

Shannon Sullivan

Originally from Maryland, Shannon is a Junior at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. She is double majoring in Women's Studies and French, with a minor in Creative Writing.

Reason for being in DC: I love the city! There are so many opportunities to work to advance women's rights here. I thought it would be a great place to intern.

Projects: I researched and wrote news stories for the Feminist Daily News Wire, researched the National Clinic Access Project, conducted a survey on women chiefs of police in the US, and helped organize a seminar on human trafficking.

Favorite Experience at FMF: Hearing Dr. Tiller and Dolores Huerta speak at the National Young Women's Conference.

What Made You Decide to Work at FMF?: At FMF, interns make important contributions to the organization; they don't just stuff envelopes or answer phones or emails for other people. We are valued, and we get a chance to work with really great people.

Favorite Place in DC: Lincoln Memorial

Glenda Garcia

Originally from California, Glenda is a Junior at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. She is majoring in Women's Studies and minoring in Studio Art.

Reason for being in DC: To find an internship and learn about my opportunities after graduation.

Projects: I helped with newsletter for Clearinghouse on Women's Rights, wrote and researched international stories for the Feminist Daily News Wire, and researched for global initiatives.

Favorite Experience at FMF: Super Tuesday!

What Made You Decide to Work at FMF?: My similar interests on women's rights.

Favorite Place in DC: The National Gallery.

Lisa Plotkin

Originally from Suffern, NY, Lisa is a Sophomore at American University majoring in history and women's and gender studies, and minoring in Italian.

Reason for being in DC: I love the vibrant cultural life in DC and the large amount of student activism.

Projects: National Young Women's Leadership Conference and investigating Title IX information on state education agency websites.

Favorite Experience at FMF: Meeting Dolores Huerta and Kim Gandy at the NYWLC

What made you decide to work at the FMF?: I have admired the work of FMF for years. As a Women's and Gender Studies major I know the importance of political feminist organizing and FMF is the place where it all happens.

Favorite Place in DC: Adams Morgan.

Ismat Yassin

Originally from San Jose, California, Ismat is a Junior at Notre Dame majoring in English, Political Science, and dance.

Reason for being in DC: I wanted to experience politics from the political capitol of the US. I want to work here later in life and this program allowed me to experience DC first hand.

Projects: The campus FMLA binder, the NYWLC, the Ohio Summit, campaign to stop child marriages, supporting the campus and global team in everyday tasks around the office.

Favorite experience at FMF: Working on the NYWLC and meeting the influential women's advocates who spoke at the conference.

What made you decide to work at FMF: I wanted a means of experessing my passion towards helping women/women's rights. FMF was the agent that provided me with that opportunity.

Favorite place in DC: Georgetown by the water

Kate Maple

Originally from Williamsville, NY, Kate is a Junior at Wells College majroing in Public affairs: Ethics, Law, and Social Policy with a concentration in government and politics. She is also minoring in philosophy and religion.

Reason for being in DC: I love this city. I'm studying public law at Ameirican Univeristy as part of the Washington Semester Program.

Projects: Congressional council, NYWLC, PAC things, summer GOHV internship

Favorite experience at FMF: All the events I was able to attend, such as Congressional Council and Super Tuesday at FMF.

What made you decide to work at FMF: I liked what the organization stands for and the work that they do. When I met Kate and Wendy at AU's internship fair I wanted to work with them. I jumped at the position when it was offered to me, I couldn't say no.

Favorite place in DC: FDR memorial at night.


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