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Summer 2008 Homepage • Lilly Ledbetter Rally Intern Hill Briefing Feminist Store Photo Shoot Ellie's Birthday Party

Intern Bios

Get to know the fabulous Summer 2008 East Coast Interns

Katie Stephanie Kathy Urooj Natasha Emily Caroline Lauren Sabrina Kayleigh Carly Katie



Katie Bishop

Katie Bishop

School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major(s): Psychology, Political Science
Minor(s)/ Concentration: Gender Studies
Year: 2009
Hometown: Hollis, NH

Projects: Web and Campus

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Meeting Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno and Lily Ledbetter, seeing my name printed in Ms. Magazine, and watching She's the Man over lunch with the fellow interns.

Future plans: Study abroad in Cairo, Egypt for spring semester and then return to DC after graduation to work on the Hill, hopefully heading on to law school a few years after that.

Advice for future FMF interns: Pick the brains of FMF staff - they have amazing stories and advice to divulge. Bring an umbrella everywhere, you never know when you will get caught in a downpour. Go to as many events and happy hours as possible. Make at least one trip to Jumbo Slice. Enjoy your time here - it goes fast!

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Stephanie Glover


School: Trinity College
Major(s): Public Policy and Law
Minor(s)/Concentration: Women, Gender and Policy
Year: 2009
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Projects: Title IX and Global

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Everything associated with the Lilly Ledbetter Rally: designing and creating our posters, hearing members of Congress speak, promoting pay equity, meeting Hillary Clinton, and bonding with FMF interns.

Future plans: I’m graduating in the Spring, and hoping to move to DC or Chicago where I’ll work for a couple years before going to law school. After I get my law degree, I’d love to work for the National Women’s Law Center or ACLU Women’s Rights Projects.

Advice for future FMF interns: Really delve into your research, practice feminism in your daily life, get a mentor, go to the Hill as often as possible, enjoy happy hours with co-workers, bring lightweight clothes to DC, and make sure to see the monuments at night!

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Kathy Henao


School: California State University, Fullerton
Political Science
Year: Graduate Student, final year
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Projects: Researching Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Working with strong, intelligent and motivated women, especially Ellie Smeal who has been an inspiration and a great asset to women’s rights.

Future plans: Upon receiving my Master’s, I plan to work for the legislative department of a non-profit human rights/women’s rights organization in order to ensure that the poor and disenfranchised are represented.  

Advice for future FMF interns: Be prepared to walk, so wear comfortable (but cute) shoes, try to go to every networking event possible, bring business cards everywhere because you never know who you will meet, pay attention to and learn from everything you see and hear, and enjoy the city as much as you can—it’s beautiful.

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Urooj Khan


School: Swarthmore College
Political Science
Islamic Studies & Gender Studies
Hometown: Jericho, NY

Projects: Global and Title IX

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Having people like Dolores Huerta or Kim Gandy drop by the office, having Ellie just randomly come in and talk to us for an hour, getting shout-outs on, and meeting Miriam and Ann (from Feministing) was also pretty cool.

Future plans: Saving the world! More practically, graduating from school, perhaps working in D.C. for a year or two, and then heading to law school. And then saving the world!

Advice for future FMF interns: Go to as many briefings or events as you can. Definitely make sure to check out the Senate or House galleries while they are in session. Watch Iron Jawed Angels during lunch! There might not be as much to do in the beginning, but don’t sweat it, things will definitely pick up. You might not get assigned to the areas you asked for when you applied, but take it as an opportunity to branch out and learn new things. And Metro advice: take the range line to Courthouse, instead of to Rosslyn, so you can walk downhill on Wilson Blvd instead of uphill (but make sure it’s the orange line, the blue line doesn’t go to Courthouse).

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Natasha Owens



School: University of Florida
Major(s): Women's Studies
Year: 2008
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Projects: Campus and Global

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Handing out hundreds of Ms. Magazines at the AKA Sorority’s Centennial Convention for two days in a row, watching them march down Constitution Ave. and congregate in front of the Capitol, then going to Congress members' offices and handing out flyers for our intern event.

Future plans: Graduate in December, get a short term job at a non-profit, then either join Teach for America or go to graduate school for Sociology and continue my activism through academia.

Advice for future FMF interns: Bring your resume and have business cards with you at all times. Do not get discouraged if you run out of things to do, there is more work coming, so be patient. Plan to spend all of your money on food and the Metro, if that is how you plan to travel.

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Emily Pollock


School: Smith College
Major(s): Government
Year: 2010
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Projects: Politics and Legislation

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Handing out 800 Ms. Magazines to the massive AKA conference.  My arms were sore for days, but it was really fun. It was exciting to give the magazine to so many people, especially since everyone was very happy to receive them. Some even took extra copies home for friends and family members.

Future plans: I want to finish school and find a job, hopefully in the DC area. After working for a few years, I’d like to back to school, possibly for a law degree.

Advice for future FMF interns: Go to all the events you can—you never know who you’ll meet.

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Caroline Sellars



School: Rhodes College
Major(s): English
Minor(s)/ Concentration: Women's Studies
Year: 2009
Hometown: Bellaire, TX

Projects: Web and Campus

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Getting my name printed in the Summer 2008 issue of Ms. (check page 10!), sending out Ms. email newsletters to tens of thousands of people, and meeting all the famous women's leaders that "drop by" the office.

Future plans: Graduate in December, get a job with a women's activist organization or a feminist publication, and possibly go to grad school in the future.

Advice for future FMF interns: Listen to Ellie as much as you can. She will inspire you to change the world. Be proactive with your projects and suggest new ideas and techniques, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Oh, and don't lock the bathroom key in the bathroom.

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Lauren Shapiro



School: Goucher College
Major(s): Political Science, International Relations
Year: 2010
Hometown: Orange, CT

Projects: Women & Policing and Get Out Her Vote

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Attending the Lilly Ledbetter rally in the Senate Swamp allowed me to witness the gathering of many influential female legislators (such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, and Sen. Barbara Mikulski) join together as a coalition against unfair pay.  It was an incredible experience to see the diverse group of women in Congress working together for a common cause. I personally asked Sen. Hillary Clinton if she would take a picture with the FMF interns, and she did! Attending networking socials after work featuring women’s movement leaders and high level Hill staff members.  These events helped me practice networking and provided opportunities for informational interviews.  As the summer progressed I began to recognize people at the events, proving how essential networking is in DC!

Future plans: I will be studying in the fall at the London School of Economics and interning at the British Parliament through the Hansard Scholars Programme.  Next summer I hope to intern on Capitol Hill with a pro-choice legislator.  After I graduate, I hope to move to DC and work on the Hill for about a year before attending law school focusing on policy and human rights.

Advice for future FMF interns: Make sure you eat at happy hours, it’s the cheapest food in DC besides the delicious Julia’s Empanadas. 

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Sabrina Talukder


School: University of California, Irvine
Political Science, International Studies
Year: 2009
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Projects: Title IX and Global

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Working alongside the most amazing interns in DC and hearing Ellie speak on different issues.

Future plans: I plan to go to law school and become a human rights lawyer specializing in issues such as human trafficking, access to credit, and immigration. My dream job would be to work for Amnesty International.

Advice for future FMF interns: It can be summed up in two words: happy hour (for a complete list go to Washington Post Intern Guide). Also, buy a SmarTrip card (it's really worth it), and make a morning trip to Greenberry's with the interns a ritual. My favorite places in DC that are affordable and amazing are Busboys and Poets, Julia’s Empanadas, and Ben’s Chili Bowl. And of course, hang out with the interns as much as possible, you’ll never get to be around such a fun and passionate group of young women ever again!

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Kayleigh Wettstein


School: Northwestern University
Major(s): Human Development & Psychological Services
Minor : Global Health
Year: 2010
Hometown: Waldwick, NJ

Projects: Get Out Her Vote and Global

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Wearing my "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" t-shirt and receving compliments on the street, telling us how cool it is and asking us for pictures. Wear the shirt with pride!

Future plans: After undergrad, I hope to attend graduate school for Non-Profit Management or Counseling Psychology. I want to eventually work with the geriatric community, helping them to cope with difficult times - and maybe even open up a Non-Governmental Organization to advocate for senior citizens' rights.

Advice for future FMF interns: Make sure you really do keep a suit jacket on the back of your chair. You never know when you'll be asked to run off to a meeting on the Hill!

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Carly Willsie


School: Ithaca College
Major(s): Journalism
Minor(s): English, Politics
Year: 2010
Hometown: East Berne, NY

Projects: News and Campus

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Planning the intern briefing with the wonderful interns in the office and attending all the events, especially the Lilly Ledbetter Rally.

Future plans: After graduating, I hope to do Teach for America. Then, I’d like to pursue a career in library science or literary editing/publishing.

Advice for future FMF interns: Buy a suit! Try to get involved in the different areas of FMF and learn all you can.  Also, go to every event and hang with the other interns as much as possible.

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Katie Wright


School: Northwestern University
Major(s): Social Policy
Year: 2009
Hometown: Edina, MN

Projects: News and Women & Policing

Personal highlights of working at FMF: Working for equality every day, seeing Ani DiFranco, and rallying for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Future plans: Finish college, work in politics, get an MBA, continue to fight for women's rights. 

Advice for future FMF interns: Take initiative, you'll be glad you did!  

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Summer 2008 Homepage • Lilly Ledbetter Rally Intern Hill Briefing  Feminist Store Photo Shoot Ellie's Birthday Party