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Bonnie Carlson

Projects/Teams: News, NCWP and NCAP

School: University of Virginia

Major/minor: American Studies, Studies in Women and Gender

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Advice for future interns: Be pro-active. If things ever get slow with your projects, talk to your supervisors or other staff members – there is always something useful for you to do!

Favorite experience at FMF: I really loved going to see part of the hearing for Justice Sotomayor. It was amazing to witness such an important process firsthand.

Favorite Choices Campus blog post: I really enjoyed researching and writing a post comparing the current fight for gay rights today with the fight for women's suffrage during WWI.

What does feminism mean to you?: To me, feminism means applying what we learn in our women's studies courses to our lives. It means understanding the ways our lives have been shaped by gender, and figuring out how to change our future to reach gender equity.

Favorite quote/personal quote: “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” - Eleanor Roosevelt and “ I right?” – Bonnie Carlson

Favorite places in DC: Busboys and Poets on U Street – they have great spoken word poetry events all the time. Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle – a fantastic bookstore and cafe.

Future plans: I'm starting law school this fall and I hope to focus on gender advocacy. I hope to do legal work with a domestic violence shelter in D.C. starting my second year.