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Erin Rickard

Projects/Teams: News, NCAP, Global

School: University of Virginia

Major/minor: English major, Spanish minor

Hometown: Northern Virginia

Advice for future interns: Take advantage of any events/rallies/seminars you can attend, they’re a great way to stay connected with current events and to learn what other progressive organizations are working on. Also, Google Maps’ walking directions feature is helpful for planning city outings.

Favorite experience at FMF: Attending my first press conference on the Hill to see feminist legislative work in action .

Favorite Choices Campus blog post: Of my own posts, my favorite is Women in Action: Iran’s Second Wave.I’m really interested in how the issue of women’s rights has played into the political turmoil surrounding Iran’s presidential election.  Of all posts, my favorite is Emily’s Susan B. Anthony rap. It should be required viewing for women’s history classes.

What does feminism mean to you?: To me, feminism is the idea that women and men should be treated equally by society and by law. It’s the recognition of gender-encoded problems in society—violence against women, LGBT rights, the wage gap, stereotypes in the media, etc—and the belief that a group of individuals working together can change those things.

Favorite quote/personal quote: “I will write upon the pages of history what I want them to say.”—Maya Angelou

Favorite places in DC: Artomatic, the annual summer art show; Sewall-Belmont House and Museum, suffrage museum and former headquarters of Alice Paul’s National Women’s Party

Future plans: I graduated in May, so now I’m looking for a job in DC and keeping my fingers crossed!