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Leah Gable

Projects/Teams: Educational Equality and News Writing

School: Dickinson College

Major/minor: Major-Sociology; Minor-Women’s Studies

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Advice for future interns: Ask questions, curiosity in this office is really rewarded.

Favorite experience at FMF: Getting to see the Sotomayor hearings and working with the news team.

Favorite Choices Campus blog post: All of the posts relating to our foremothers.

What does feminism mean to you?: Feminism means recognition of a sisterhood and an awareness of the possibility of bettering our world for women.

Favorite quote/personal quote: You are a citizen of a great and powerful nation. Are you not ashamed that you give so much time to the pursuit of money, and reputation, and honors, and care so little for truth and wisdom and the improvement of your soul? – Socrates

Favorite places in DC: The National Arboretum, the National Mall, Dupont Circle’s Farmers’ Market, National Gallery’s East Wing, and the Hirshhorn sculpture garden.

Future plans: Joining Americorps after I finish school in the spring, attending graduate school for sociology or women’s studies in a few years, and probably ending up at a non-profit somewhere.