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Maria Mattera

Projects/Teams: Political, NCAP

School: Wellesley College

Major/minor: Double-major in Political Science and Physics

Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Advice for future interns: Take advantage of summer in DC! It’s the mecca for summer interns—I can’t imagine a better atmosphere.

Favorite experience at FMF: Working on the NCAP project has been absolutely wonderful.  The summer 2009 interns came into the office during a really turbulent period following the aftermath of Dr. Tiller’s murder.  Working on monitoring anti-choice extremists has been so informative, and it’s a great feeling to work on a project that feels so important and immediate to the current political climate.

Favorite Choices Campus blog post: Susan B. Anthony rap.  Words cannot express.

What does feminism mean to you?: Feminism means being aware; aware of how people’s choices, opportunities, and identities are shaped, and often restricted, by their particular circumstances and their gender.  Being aware of where inequity exists is the first step to changing it, and this is the most important function of feminism to me—identifying and working to improve each person’s ability to freely pursue the lives they want.

Favorite quote/personal quote: “Why prayers and creeds and mackintoshes?” - Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf)

Favorite places in DC: The National Gallery of Art; Busboys and Poets; Capitol Hill

Future plans: No idea. Figuring out what makes me happy, and pursuing it with all my strength.