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Sarah Olivo

Projects/Teams: News and Campus

School: East Tennessee State University

Major/minor: Women’s Studies and my minors are Art and Interior Design.

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina

Advice for future interns: Try and live close to work and use this internship as a way to determine your dislikes and likes for a future career. Also, living with other interns was a great idea and really worked out well in my case. If your willing to take that risk and hope you get lucky like me with one or two great people then I highly recommend trying to coordinate and live with other interns.

Favorite experience at FMF: Protesting CVS because some locations thought it would be ok to lock the condoms up! Perfecting my researching and writing skills with the news team and spending time with the other interns and staff!

Favorite Choices Campus blog post: "Cairo Karate Kids!"

What does feminism mean to you?: This is a pretty broad question. But I guess I’m going to pull from that saying that feminism is the idea that women are people too. Feminism means that women should be able to live and chose as they please in a world without judgment and without confinement on our bodies and minds. For me feminism is a state of mind, there are good and bad things. With understanding more about feminism, you understand more and more about the injustices going on around you and all over the world. You become more aware of the dichotomy women face because of gender. But feminism also enlightens and gives empowerment in being a woman, being feminine, beautiful, and accepting myself. 

Favorite quote/personal quote: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Favorite places in DC: Busboy and Poets, the Newseum, and the hookah bar in Adams Morgan.

Future plans: Go back to school and finish my last semester, graduate, try and get a job with a nonprofit (hopefully), go into the Peace Corp, live abroad, and attend University of Colorado at Denver for humanitarian and global journalism, write a book, change the world. I’m not sure what will come first after graduation but that is my broad plan for the next five to six years.