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Campus Team

We helped the campus team with outreach on college campuses by blogging on the Choices Campus blog and preparing several Feminist News vlogs. We also helped with the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in March, as well as traveled to different universities and attended feminist student group meetings.

Educational Equity Project

We have put a lot of work into the Educational Equity Project, researched single-sex education in public schools, made phone calls to schools nationwide to survey them on single-sex programs at their school, and helped write reports and summaries of our research.


We got to research on the global health programs in developing countries. It is a great program for those who are interested in learning about family planning, and helps to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by Afghan women.


We attended meetings and briefings and heard testimonies on the Hill. It was a great experience. Preparing for and attending the Lobby day was one of the major events of the semester. We met and heard from those who have a lot of knowledge and experience in their field. Monitoring current legislations taught us alot about current events and the workings of the government.  


We monitored current news and events and contributed stories to the Feminist Newswire on We posted the information on Twitter so the internet community could follow the issues.

Political Team

On the political team we helped track candidates for Feminist Majority endorsements. We researched candidates and political news, wrote bios for all of the candidates FEMPAC endorses, and updated the FEMPAC website.


Violence Against Women

We have researched the Violence Against Women Act, looked at where funding has gone, why it went where it did, and where it should go for the upcoming reauthorization.


Web Team

We worked on updating the MajoritySpeaks blog, helped with website maintenance, such as maintaining the jobs list and events calendar on the website, and sent out jobs, news, and Ms. Digest emails. We also got to design the interns webpage.

Women and Policing Project

Most recently on the Women and Policing Project, we have been researched pregnancy and maternity leave policies for women in law enforcement agencies, with the goal of writing a policy that these agencies and departments can use to ensure fair and equal treatment of females in the service. We have also been working on identifying and compiling a list of all of the female police chiefs and sheriffs in the nation.