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Intern Biographies


Trish Anderton

TrishFMF projects: Social Media, Newswire

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

University: Arizona State University, 2011

Major: Mass Communication (Master's Degree)

Projects: Researched standards for optimal use of social media; drew up plans and guidelines for FMF/FM social media accounts; wrote training materials; trained staff on use of Twitter and Facebook. Designed flowchart to ensure that materials produced in the organization get posted to web and social media. Wrote regularly for Feminist News; wrote occasional blog posts and activist e-mails. Program co-chair for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing. Used Salsa Democracy in Action to generate and send mass e-mails. Helped design 2011 Summer Intern web page.

Favorite spot in DC: Second floor of the Hirshhorn museum. So many amazing sculptures!

Favorite internship moment: Ellie breaking us the news about the IOM recommendations on women's health. A historic step forward!

Favorite female character: Scout Finch, from To Kill a Mockingbird, because she is always herself and has a passion for justice and human rights.


Corrina Beall

CorrinaFMF projects: Policy

Hometown: Richmond, VA

University: Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011

Majors: International Studies: Health in Global Perspective, Women’s Studies: Women in Medicine and Science

Minor: Religious Studies

Projects: Virginia’s TRAP Coalition, VA Department of Health on abortion issues, wrote on FMF blogs about health care reform’s impact on the nation’s women, outreach team for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing

Favorite spot in DC: The Natural History Museum's new evolution exhibit

Favorite internship moment: Cat party at Alice's house with Linda!

Favorite female character: Lilith, Eve's predecessor


Hayley Cutri

FMF projects: Global

Hometown: Belfast, ME

University: McGill University, 2011

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Minor: International Development

Projects: Global Health and Rights Campaign - focused my attention on researching PEPFAR funding in South Africa, the program’s impact, and the how nutritional status of the infected population has played a role in the effectiveness of anti-retroviral treatment - Afghan Women and Girls, 7 Billion Project, program co-chair for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing

Favorite spot in DC: Eastern Market early Sunday morning, and any afternoon at Capitol Hill Books on C St. SE…two destinations that I could aimlessly wander around for hours.

Favorite internship moment: the summer itself was an unforgettable collection of moments. Having the opportunity to share the office with such inspiring and passionate women was an experience I will always cherish. Highlighted moments include the exciting release of the IOM “Clinical Preventative Services for Women: Closing the Gap” report and the evening with staff and interns at Congresswoman Maloney’s house, in celebration of feminist politicians and birthdays, including Ellie’s!

Favorite female character: Lisa Simpson


Courtney Douglas

CourtneyFMF projects: Web, Social Media, Newswire

Hometown: Pasadena, MD

University: Duke University, 2012

Majors: Sociology and Women's Studies

Projects: created new graphics/ads for FMF websites using Fireworks, sent mass emails and managed supporter groups in Democracy in Action's "Salsa", transferred content to the new Ms. Blog, wrote news stories, posted jobs and calendar events on the FMF website and Twitter, outreach team for the 2011 Intern Hill Briefing, designed and created Summer 2011 intern pages.

Favorite spot in DC: the Lincoln Memorial steps (especially at sunrise!) and Granville Moore's (great mussel restaurant with awesome atmosphere)

Favorite internship moment: Listening to Ellie explain how "pretty awesome" the IOM recommendations for well-women care were right after they were released. It was very special to share the historical moment with so many inspiring feminist women who were equally excited.

Favorite female character: Dottie from "A League of Their Own" or Kat from "10 Things I hate About You"


Alison Grady

AlisonFMF projects: Global, Sexual Violence

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

University: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012

Major: Peace, War and Defense

Minors: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Women's Studies

Projects: Researched the connection between Uganda and evangelical Christians in the United States to to find out what kind of influence Americans had on Ugandan legislators, researched the sexual assault kit backlog, brainstormed how to make people passionate about ending the sexual assault kit backlog in their communities, materials co-chair for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing

Favorite spot in DC: Busboys and Poets

Favorite internship moment: Attending a party at Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s house! I met so many congresswomen and amazing feminist women of DC.

Favorite female character: The “Angry Vagina” from “The Vagina Monologues”


Brittanie Leibold

BrittanieFMF projects: Policy

Hometown: Oxford, PA

University: Georgetown University, 2013

Major: Women's and Gender Studies

Minor: Justice and Peace Studies

Projects: researching and tracking the progress of current legislation affecting women, materials co-chair for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing

Favorite spot in DC: The Capital Crescent Running Trail

Favorite internship moment: When Rep. Carolyn Maloney announced her introduction of the Equal Rights Amendment on the House Triangle. It was the first time I had seen a Congresswoman in person, and I was really excited to stand behind Rep. Maloney and hear her speak about why she was so passionate about the ERA.

Favorite female character: Temperance “Bones” Brennan


Madeline Montgomery

MadelineFMF projects: Sexual Violence, Campus

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

College: St. Mary's College of Maryland, 2012

Major: Anthropology

Minors: Biology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Projects: Performed extensive research on the rape kit testing process and backlog, including a survey of forensic labs; revised materials for the FMF's campaign against the rape kit backlog; created a new campus toolkit to help develop a campus campaign against the rape kit backlog; helped update materials for the campus campaign for global women's health; wrote blog posts for the campus blog; outreach team for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing

Favorite spot in DC: U Street

Favorite internship moment: Shaking Cecile Richards’ hand at a Planned Parenthood event!

Favorite female character: It’s a tie between Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan from Kathryn Stockett’s The Help and August Boatwright from Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees.


Karen Ning

KarenFMF projects: Global

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

University: University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, 2012

Majors: Pyschology and Gender and Women's Studies

Projects: Global Opposition Research Project, Afghan Women and Girls, PEPFAR Funding Research in South Africa/Uganda, Co-sponsorship Research on Equal Rights Amendment and Dream Act, Congressional visit co-chair for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing

Favorite spot in DC: U Street, Washington Monument at night time

Favorite internship moment: Being able to share the historical moment and excitement with the interns/staffs when IOM released the guideline recommending no co-pays for birth control and other check-ups necessary for women’s health (HHS has just adopted all the guidelines from IOM), Attending Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s fundraising party and talked with Congress members who have done great work

Favorite female character: Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Linda Rasmussen

LindaFMF projects: Education Equity, Public Policy

Hometown: Garden Ridge, TX

University: University of Texas San Antonio, 2012

Major: Women's Studies

Projects: Title IX Action Network; Equal Rights Amendment; tracking Congressional sponsors of Legislation on women's issues; work with the Coalition for the Protection of Women's Health; Congressional visit co-chair for 2011 Intern Hill Briefing

Favorite spot in DC: The Smithsonian

Favorite internship moment: The speakers for access to abortion at the meeting of the Virginia Health Commissioner's Minority Health and Health Equity Advisory Committee; they were eloquent and to the point and elicited an obvious visible response by the committee members in agreement with the speakers

Favorite female character: Wonder Woman