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Campus: Helped the campus organizers throughout the summer including presenting at a reproductive justice brown bag lunch on campus organizing, creating a new campus toolkit to help develop a campus campaign against the rape kit backlog, updating materials for the campus campaign for global women's health, doing outreach for the Summer Celebration of Choice, and writing blog posts for the campus blog.

Domestic Reproductive Rights: Worked on Virginia’s TRAP Coalition, worked with VA Department of Health on abortion issues, and wrote on FMF blogs about health care reform’s impact on the nation’s women.

Global: The majority of interns worked on global topics. For global reproductive health, focused on PEPFAR funding in Uganda, Bangladesh and South Africa, researched how the nutritional status of the infected population has played a role in the effectiveness of anti-retroviral treatments in South Africa, researched the connection between Uganda and evangelical Christians in the United States to find out what kind of influence Americans had on Ugandan legislators, worked on the Afghan Women and Girls project, and Girls International..

Political: Various projects including researching and tracking the progress of current legislation affecting women, and co-sponsorship research on the Equal Rights Amendment and the Dream Act.

Sexual Violence: Researched the sexual assault kit backlog. After learning that there are approximately 180,000 sexual assault kits that have not been tested, researched why these kits were not being tested and brainstormed how to make people passionate about ending the backlog in their communities.

Social Media: We inform the world! Posted content on Twitter and Facebook, researched standards for optimal use of social media, drew up plans and guidelines for FMF/FM social media accounts, and wrote training materials and trained staff on use of Twitter and Facebook.

Web: Designed graphics and ads for our websites, replaced images/sliders on, transferred Ms. Blog content to the new blog, learned basics of the internet, HTML, and Wordpress, wrote occasional blog posts and activist e-mails, participated in online campaign planning meetings, used Salsa Democracy in Action to generate and send mass e-mails as well as manage email lists, designed and created this summer's Intern Testimonial page you are browsing.