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Supreme Court to Decide New Abortion Pill Case

An Oklahoma law that could outlaw all drug-induced abortions - and could have a sweeping impact on other abortion laws across the nation - is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The 2011 law requires doctors to follow exact FDA protocol when prescribing patients Mifiprex, the abortion-inducing drug. FDA regulations for the drug were created in 2000 and one of those guidelines is that doctors must administer 600-milligrams. Pro-choice advocates say, however, that since 2000, doctors have found that a lower dose is just as effective and costs less.

The law was struck down by both an Oklahoma County District Judge and the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Media Resources: The Oklahoman 9/14/2013; Slate 9/10/2013; FOX25 9/15/2013