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Buchanan Appeals to Foes of Homosexuality, Immigration and Big Government in Fundraising

According to Pat Buchanans recent direct-mail fundraising letter, theres a "bloody assault" on the GOPs stand against abortion, and "liberals in our party are already demanding the addition of a homosexual rights plank in the next Republican platform." Pitched to those who fear recognition for gays, immigrants, and "renegade" federal judges, Buchanans fundraising letters offer believers an opportunity to fill out a petition called the "1996 Republican Platform Demand" and send it along with a donation.

A dozen direct-mail letters sent out by Buchanan during this campaign were reviewed by the Associated Press. One letter criticized the "judges and justices who drove prayer and the Bible out of our public schools" as well as the "social radicals and gay rights activists who wish to indoctrinate Americas children in positive attitudes toward homosexuality using as propaganda tools, books for first-graders like Daddys Roommate and Heather Has Two Mommies.

A favorite populist line of Buchanans in fundraising letters is that, if elected, hell "run a sword through the ruinous and failed ideology of Big Government Liberalism, and finish it off for once and for all."

The Associated Press report follows Buchanans statement last week that he would not allow anyone who was openly gay to serve in his administration. Several campaign staff were also let go last week among allegations that they had ties to the National Association for the Advancement of White People, the Ku Klux Klan and/or the 1992 David Duke Presidential campaign.

Media Resources: The Nando Times and the Associated Press- February 25, 1996