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Discrimination Persists in Boy Scouts

A judge denied a 12-year-old girls plea to be allowed to join the Boy Scouts while her legal case against the group process. Katrina Yeaw of California applied to the Boy Scouts in April 1995 because she, like her twin brother, wanted to learn canoeing, camping, and other outdoor skills. She was upset to be rejected solely because she was a girl, and has since sued the group for violating the states anti-discrimination law. Sacramento Superior Court Judge John Lewis rejected the motion Wednesday and said the law did not apply to a non-business organization such as the Boy Scouts.

Yeaws lawyers plan to appeal the decision to the state Court of Appeals and hope to win a change in the national policy of the Boy Scouts of America. They are also seeking damages.

Media Resources: The Nando Net and Reuters - March 20, 1996