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Press Releases

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Date: January-12-10
Contact: Beth Soderberg
Phone: (703) 522-2214

Feminist Majority Alarmed at Rulings in Dr. Tiller Murder Trial

"Let there be no mistake, the rulings of Kansas Judge Warren Wilbert to allow evidence in support of a voluntary manslaughter verdict are being seen by extremists as a green light for those who would murder abortion providers," said Katherine Spillar, Executive Vice President of the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Don Spitz, who manages the Army of God website and advocates the murder of abortion providers as "justifiable homicide," has been in touch with confessed killer Scott Roeder. According to the Associated Press, Spitz believes Wilbert's rulings may influence some people to kill abortion providers because of the possibility of a lower sentence for voluntary manslaughter. Spitz told the AP that the ruling"may increase the number of people who may be willing to take that risk."

Despite his statements to the contrary, by refusing today to set reasonable parameters on testimony and evidence, Judge Wilbert is effectively permitting Roeder to use a "justifiable homicide" defense that the judge had previously said Roeder could not use.

"The judge can instruct a jury to disregard inflammatory or prejudicial statements after they've been made, but the reality is that you can't un-ring a bell," concluded Spillar.

Katherine Spillar is the Executive Vice President of the Feminist Majority Foundation and leads its National Clinic Access Project, which is the oldest and largest national clinic defense project in the nation.