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Press Releases

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Date: October-26-98
Contact: Justine Andronici
Phone: 703.522.2214

Organized Campaign of Terror Claims Another Abortion Provider

Washington DC -- The murder of Dr. Barnett "Bart" Slepian, 51, in his home by a sniper who fired a single shot tragically is not an isolated incident. We believe this fifth sniper-style shooting of an abortion doctor is part of an organized campaign of domestic and international terrorism aimed at denying a woman's right to choose.
I am angry, frustrated, and even more determined than ever to eradicate anti-abortion violence. We have been working for years to prevent such a senseless tragedy. Dr. Slepian was a father of 4 young children and a doctor who provided very vital health services to women. How can this continue to happen in the world's leading democracy?

The extreme Right Wing must be called to task for creating a climate of violence and terror. This is a pluralistic society and we must all unite to protect our democracy from this frontal attack. Dr. Slepian worked courageously every day at the risk of his life for women and freedom. His murder must not be in vain.

We have the capacity to protect abortion providers who are being harassed and to bring terrorists to justice. There are now multiple killers at large. Eric Robert Rudolph, and all possible accomplices, suspected lethal bomber of the New Woman All Women's Health Clinic, in Birmingham, AL, the Northside Family Planning clinic in Atlanta, GA, the 1996 Olympic Park, and the gay and lesbian nightclub in Atlanta has not been apprehended, as well as Slepian's assailant(s) is still on the loose.

For sometime we have identified patterns in anti-abortion violence. But we must do more than warn doctors of impending dangers. We must pro-actively provide protection and marshal a massive nationwide investigation to stop this domestic terrorism. Law enforcement must abandon the theory of lone perpetrators and go at the heart of this nationwide orchestrated domestic terrorism by bringing to justice the network of extremists.

These are "hate" crimes in every sense of the word. Several of the doctors shot in these sniper attacks are (were) Jewish. Slepian had just returned home after having attended Temple service earlier in the evening.

We continue to urge federal law enforcement to use criminal RICO and every other federal statute at their disposal to stop this criminal terrorist enterprise.

Editor's Note: The Feminist Majority Foundation operates the National Clinic Access Project, the oldest and largest clinic access project in the nation. Since 1993, the Feminist Majority Foundation has produced the National Clinic Violence Survey Report, which provides an analysis of anti-abortion violence trends. Copies of the report may be obtained by contacting the Feminist Majority Foundation.