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Press Releases

To arrange a media interview with Ellie Smeal or other spokespersons at Feminist Majority Foundation, contact the FMF media department at 703-522-2214.


Date: April-02-98
Contact: Dee Martin
Phone: 703.522.2214

Feminist Movement Mourns Loss of Bella Abzug, A Global Warrior for Women

Washington DC -- Bella Abzug was truly a global warrior for women's rights, peace, and the environment. It was not her hat that made her stand out, but her brilliant mind and her courage. Throughout her life, Bella made a giant difference for women in the United States and internationally. She empowered a generation of young women to speak out, to fight back, and to change the world. I will miss Bella greatly, but we will never forget her. She has left an indelible mark on the feminist movement and the worldwide struggle for women's equality.
Eleanor Smeal, who is currently on a speaking tour in Japan at the invitation of Japanese women's organizations, learned of Congresswoman Abzug's death while in Tokyo.