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Date: December-06-04
Contact: Alicia Daly
Phone: (703) 522-4201

Ms. Celebrates the 2004 Women of the Year

Awards Event Honors Women on the Forefront Nationally and Globally

WASHINGTON, D.C. In a packed National Press Club Ballroom today, Ms. held its annual Women of the Year awards event.

This special event brought together womens movement leaders and activists to honor women whose achievements in leadership, perseverance, and grit determination sparked action to benefit humanity or created a unique legacy for women.

Signaling the 21st century womens movement is truly global, most of the awardees for 2004 had worldwide significance from the Olympics to Darfur to the 9/11 commission and fighting terrorism to Haiti and Nigeria the impact of the 2004 Ms. Women of the Year extended well beyond U.S. shores.

And those working primarily in the U.S. impacted the largest class-action sex-discrimination case and the largest single March in history.

All of these women are heroes. As we recognize them, we find ourselves marveling at their courage and their commitment to excellence, to do and be the best for themselves and their communities and families. This year, another common thread revealed itself: All of these women displayed uncommon determination to accomplish specific goals that had global consequences, said Ms. Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Elaine Lafferty.

Remarkably, as we meet to recognize the work of the Jersey Girls, whose leadership inspired the creation of the 9/11 commission, Congress is meeting still to determine if they will pass the commissions recommendations, said Ms. Magazine Publisher, Eleanor Smeal.

The special 2004 Women of the Year issue was unveiled at the December 6 event.

The issue features profiles of the Women of the Year, plus 19 women who in their communities, in the world and on the public policy stage changed lives in 2004.

Co-founded by Gloria Steinem in 1972, Ms. quickly became a national and international forum for new ideas and issues, investigative journalism, fiction, the arts, political coverage, humor, womens health, and international womens news. As the source of many books, movies, television series, and prize-winning investigative articles, Ms. has been recognized as one of the most influential magazines in history. On December 31, 2001, the Feminist Majority Foundation became the sole owner of Liberty Media for Women, the publisher of Ms. Magazine. For more information on Ms. Magazine visit