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Press Releases

To arrange a media interview with Ellie Smeal or other spokespersons at Feminist Majority Foundation, contact the FMF media department at 703-522-2214.


Date: September-01-05
Contact: Erin Carmany
Phone: (703) 522-2214

Feminist Majority Joins Leading Grassroots Groups in Opposing John Roberts

Arlington, VA The Feminist Majority today joins leading grassroots organizations in opposing John Roberts for the Supreme Court.

Everything we know about Judge Roberts record indicates that he will be a solid vote against womens rights, civil rights, and the right to privacy, said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority.

The grassroots opposition to Roberts is growing on all fronts. The Feminist Majority has been mobilizing our email activists, as well as activists in key states of the Senate Judiciary members, to sign petitions, send letters, and visit their district offices. Already, tens of thousand of emails have been sent from our supporters in opposition to Roberts, even before the hearings have begun.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, we will mobilize feminists to attend the hearings and to participate in demonstrations outside the Senate office buildings. Every Senator and witness, as she or he walks into the building to participate in the hearings, will see scores of feminist activists opposed to John Roberts.

On colleges across the country, feminist campus activists, together with activists from a whole host of groups, are holding rallies, speak-outs, teach-ins, and even poetry slams to show their opposition to Roberts. Young women do not want to go back to the days of illegal, back-alley abortions, lack of educational and athletic opportunities, and even greater disparities in pay based on gender.

Roberts could roll back womens rights for a generation, said Smeal. Young women, with the most at stake, are leading the fight to block Roberts confirmation to the Supreme Court.