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Women's History Teacher's Guide

The Feminist Chronicles: 1953-1993

Feminist ChroniclesThe Feminist Chronicles, written by Toni Carabillo, Judith Meuli, and June Bundy Csida, dramatizes the ongoing, day-by-day, year-by-year effort of the feminist movement to improve the lives and status of women and to empower women as equal players in world affairs.

Beginning with the work of Eleanor Roosevelt to empower women politically and publication of the ground-breaking book, TheSecond Sex by Simone de Beauvoir, The Chronicles tells the story of the founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the largest feminist organization in the world. It reports the diverse actions and events of the last four decades of feminist activities.

The Feminist Chronicles shows the depth, breadth, and impact of the feminist movement on every facet of society in the United States in the last forty years. The book puts the movement inthe context of the times by recording major public events that occur simultaneously and also traces the intensifying right-wing backlash.

The Feminist Chronicles is illustrated with buttons from the era and photographs that in many cases can be seen nowhere else but in the scrapbooks of activists. The book also includes a section of some of the early and key NOW documents that set the first agenda of the current movement for women's equality.

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