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History of Feminist Majority Foundation

1990 History Header


FMF's second award-winning videotape, Abortion Denied: Shattering Lives, documents the devastating effect of parental consent and notification laws on young women. The video features Karen and Bill Bell, whose daughter, Becky died on September 16, 1988 as a result of an illegal, back-alley abortion due to Indiana's parental consent law. The videotape is awarded the prestigious Cine Golden Eagle Award in l990.

Karen and Bill Bell join forces with the Feminist Majority Foundation for the Becky Bell Campaign, a national campaign against parental consent and notification laws.

The Feminist Majority Foundation organizes delegation of feminist leaders and prominent scientists to travel to Europe to meet with Roussel Uclaf and Hoechst AG to urge introduction of RU 486 to the United States.

Feminist Majority Foundation Board Chair Peg Yorkin, Foundation President Eleanor Smeal and Foundation Director of Policy and Research Jennifer Jackman prepare petitions to present to pharmaceutical executives. The delegation presents Dr. Edouard Sakiz, CEO of Roussel Uclaf, with 800 lbs. of petitions for RU 486 at the pharmaceutical company's Paris headquarters. Over 700,000 petitions were delivered to Roussel Uclaf and Hoechst AG over the course of the Foundation's seven-year campaign.

The Feminist Majority Foundation announces first Feminist of the Year Awards. The Feminist Majority Foundation's 1990 Feminist of the Year awards are presented to ABC News Anchor Carol Simpson; Harvard Law School Professor Derek Bell; University of Iowa Medical School Professor Dr. Jean Jew; Ireland President Mary Robinson; Saudia Arabian women protesters; Ms. Editor Robin Morgan; Des Moines Register Editor Geneva Overholser and Rape Survivor Nancy Ziegenmeyer; Boson Herald Sports Reporter Lisa Olson; Comedian Nora Dunn; Texas Governor Ann Richards; Los Angeles City Council Member Gloria Molina; Southwest Missouri State University Student Newspaper Editor Traci Bauer; and Brown University student protestors.

Feminization of Power Campus Campaign launches to increase the number of women in student leadership positions. Campaign helps to elect young women to student government president in several colleges and to the board of trustees of several universities.