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History of Feminist Majority Foundation

1991 History Header


Peg Yorkin, chair and co-founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation, announces an historic gift of $10 million to the Foundation; the largest contribution ever made for women's rights. The purpose of the donation is to empower women to take action, and to ensure a legacy of feminism for future generations. "My gift is a wake-up call to women. The pleading by women to men in power must stop. We must empower women,"said Yorkin. The first program of the endowment is to help make RU 486 or another anti-progestin available to women. The timing of the gift was providential. The Yorkin announcement generated unprecedented hope and can-do spirit among women at the same time that the Senate's treatment of Anita Hill generated unprecedented anger.

NEW INITIATIVE -- The Foundation launches a campaign for gender balance in the Los Angeles Police Department after the Rodney King police brutality incident in Los Angeles. The Feminist Majority Foundation calls for gender balance on the special commission investigating the beating and for an investigation of the relationship of the gender composition to police brutality on the police force. Research shows that increasing the numbers of women in police departments reduces police violence and increases police response to domestic violence calls.