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History of Feminist Majority Foundation

1993 History Header


The Feminist Majority Foundation is among the first organizations to sound the alarm on the increasing virulence of anti-abortion violence and increasing death threats aimed at clinic personnel and defenders. FMF and two clinic owners hold a D.C. press conference to call attention to the increasing violence and death threats 10 days before the murder of Dr. David Gunn. The New York Times article calls Smeal a "cold warrior" looking for a war.

In response to the murder of Dr. David Gunn at a Pensacola, Florida abortion clinic, the Feminist Majority Foundation establishes an Emergency Clinic Defense Fund and provides security equipment, armed guards, and assistance for critically affected Florida clinics. FMF also establishes college fund for Gunn's two children.

VICTORY -- The Feminist Majority Foundation mobilizes unprecedented numbers of abortion rights supporters to protect patients and clinic staff during Operation Rescue's seven city summer Cities of Refuge attacks including Jackson, MS, Philadelphia, PA, Cleveland, OH, Little Rock, AR. Operation Rescue multi-city blockade strategy fails as clinics stay open and blockade attempts fail.

VICTORY -- Feminist Majority Foundation counters Operation Rescue protest against RU 486 in front of the French embassy, outnumbering Operation Rescue by 4-1.

NEW INITIATIVE -- Feminist Majority Foundation launches a Task Force on Women and Girls in Sports. The Task Force is chaired by Molly Yard, immediate past president of the National Organization for Women, and is comprised of leaders in the field of women's athletics who are at the forefront of expanding opportunities for women and girls in athletics: women like Donna Lopiano, Executive Director of the Women's Sports Foundation; Dr. Christine Grant, Director of Athletics at the University of Iowa; Dr. Evelyn Murphy, former Massachusetts Lt. Governor; and Mariah Burton Nelson, former pro basketball player and author of two books on women in sports.

The Feminist Chronicles, 1953-1993, written by Feminist Majority Foundation board members and co-founders Toni Carabillo and Judith Meuli, is published.

Feminist Majority Foundation releases report on loss of the Iowa state Equal Rights Amendment in referendum, New Strategies, Old Obstacles in the Fight for Equality: An Analysis of the 1992 Iowa Equal Rights Amendment Campaign.

NEW INITIATIVE -- The Feminist Majority Foundation's first annual National Clinic Violence Survey finds that half of clinics nationwide experienced severe anti-abortion violence in 1993. Of the clinics, 21% reported death threats and 18% received bomb threats. Blockcades were set up at 16% of clinics. Clinic personnel were stalked at 14.9% of clinics. Invasions occurred at 14.6% of clinics. Chemical attacks were reported at 10.3% of clinics and arson at 1.8% of clinics.

Feminist Majority Foundation 1993 Feminist of the Year Award recipients are Mary Chapin-Carpenter; Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University and Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights; Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney and Cardiss Collins; Clinic Buffer Zone Case Attorneys Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte, Kathy Patrick, and Susan England; Law Professor Clare Dalton; Lawyer Nancy Ezold; David Gunn, Jr., son of slain abortion provider Dr. David Gunn; New Moon Editors Nancy Gruver, Joe Kelly and the Editorial Board; Senator Carol Moseley-Braun; Harris v. Forklist Sexuah Harassment Plaintiff Teresa Harris; Socialist International Women General Secretary Maria Jonas; Sociologist and Comparable Worth Pioneer Ronnie Steinberg; and Howard Women's Basketball Coach Sanya Tyler.