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History of Feminist Majority Foundation

1995 History Header


NEW INITIATIVE -- Women's Health Center Hotline launched by Feminist Majority Foundation to provide clinics with emergency security assistance and to monitor incidents of violence nationwide.

Feminist Majority Foundation deploys organizers to New Orleans to protect clinics during Operation Rescue attacks, in wake of murders at two Brookline clinics.

NEW INITIATIVE -- Feminist Majority Foundation launches National Center for Women in Policing, directed by Penny Harrington, formerly the first woman chief of police of a major U.S. city -- Portland, Oregon. The National Center works to build a nationwide movement for dramatically increasing the numbers of women in all areas and levels of law enforcement as an effective strategy for reducing police brutality and improving police response to domestic violence -- which accounts for 50% of 911-emergency calls nationwide.

Chief Penny Harrington, Director of the FMF's National Center for Women and Policing, testifies about gender bias in the police force before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Feminist Majority Foundation releases Empowering Women in Sports report.

NEW INITIATIVE -- Feminist Majority interns begin campus units, called FeM, later Campus Connections, and now Feminist Majority Student Leadership Alliances, at colleges and universities across the country.

NEW INITIATIVE -- The Feminist Majority Foundation sponsors the 1995 Women's Equality Poll, conducted by Lou Harris and Peter Harris Research Group. The poll finds historically high levels of support for the feminist movement and reveals wide support for affirmative action.

Feminist Majority Foundation National Coordinator Kathy Spillar testifies before Congress on links between anti-abortion extremists and militia groups.

NEW INITIATIVE -- Feminist Majority Foundation launches Feminist Majority Foundation Online -- Women's Web World. The Foundation's web site has received over a dozen awards for content and design. Today the site receives 30,000 to 35,000 hits daily.

NEW INITIATIVE -- The Feminist Majority Foundation co-chairs the U.S. Network for Women, which mobilizes non-governmental organizations to participate in the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. The Feminist Majority Foundation, one of the few U.S. feminist organizations involved in both the ICPD and the Women's Conference, is represented by a ten-member delegation in Beijing.

National Center for Women and Policing holds national conference bringing together for the first time high-ranking women in law enforcement from throughout the country.

Feminist Majority Foundation releases third annual Clinic Violence Survey which reveals that while clinic violence has declined across the board, one-third of clinics remain heavily targeted.