What is Abortiondocs.org?


In January 2012, Troy Newman announced the creation of a national website and database that amasses information on abortion doctors and clinics; it is called ABORTIONDOCS.ORG. The website is a project of Pro-Life Nation, whose president is Troy Newman and whose Senior Policy Advisor is Cheryl Sullenger. Pro-Life Nation is an outreach of Operation Rescue.

“This site is a clearinghouse for information gathered by activists from all over the nation….The purpose of Abortiondocs.org is to provide the public with comprehensive up-to-date information about the abortion cartel....”1

Murdered physician Dr. George Tiller is featured on Abortiondocs.org under the heading, “WORST OFFENDERS.” The site lists Dr. Tiller as "inactive."

Reminiscent of the Nuremberg Files, an anti-abortion website that a federal judge ordered taken down after it was found to be a “true threat” in violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, Abortiondocs.org catalogs the names, addresses and photographs of abortion providers.

The Nuremberg Files website also listed the names and addresses of abortion doctors across the country; once a doctor was killed, the website would place lines through their name; once a doctor was wounded, the website would gray out their names.

The Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic that suffered the latest deadly anti-abortion attack is on abortiondocs.org along with many other clinics and abortion providers.

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