What are the Survivors?

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust Advocate Irregular Warfare against Abortion Providers

The Survivors, an anti-abortion group, announced THE BIRTH OF THE IRREGULARS on its website on August 26, 2015 in a blog post (that has now been taken down):

“‘Irregulars are soldiers or warriors who are members of special organizations that employ irregular military tactics. This involves avoiding large-scale combat, focusing instead on small, stealthy, hit and run engagements’. . ."
“The Irregulars . . . will excel at scouting out Planned Parenthood events, skirmishing at, harassing, pursuing and sabotaging Planned Parenthood's evil plans at every turn.... The Irregulars will specialize in underground resistance!"

The Survivors was co-founded by Jeff White, who was the President of Operation Rescue West with Troy Newman as his second in command in the 1990s. Troy Newman is frequently a featured speaker and a trainer at Survivor events and at its pro-life summer bootcamp.