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  • Walking the Gauntlet

    The harassment and intimidation of clinic workers and women outside the clinics creates a hostile environment that often leads to violence. Read more.

  • Facts on Anti-Abortion Violence

    Anti-abortion violence isn’t occurring in a vacuum. Abortion providers are harassed, intimidated, and terrorized with WANTED-style posters around their homes, schools, and places of worship. Abortion providers are personally harassed and threatened at 46.4% of abortion clinics. Read more.

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Increasing Severe Violence and Threats Against Women's Health Clinics

Severe anti-abortion violence and threats of violence against abortion providers has remained high in recent years. 23.8% of clinics reported experiencing the most severe types of violence and threats of violence in the first half of 2018, including death threats, stalking, and blocking access to clinics. These disturbing findings show the need for increased law enforcement response.

For over four decades abortion providers throughout the United States have been under attack. There have been thousands of violent incidents including blockades, invasions, chemical attacks, arsons, bombings, death threats, sniper attacks, and cold-blooded murder. Since 1993, 12 abortion providers, first responders, patient supporters, and volunteers have been murdered by anti-abortion extremists; 30 others have been wounded, some critically.